Children's Services

Adoption Services

Adoption services are provided to prospective parents, children in need of adoption, and adoptive parents.

Day Care

Provides affordable child care services for employed clients and clients in training for employment, and in the Work First Employment Program, supports goals for getting people off the welfare roll, and supports Foster Care and Child Protective Services by providing a safe environment for the young children.

Family Planning Services

Assists families in family planning.

Foster Care

Provides temporary out-of-home placement for children because of family disruption as a result of abuse, neglect, or dependency.

Foster Home Licensure

Recruits, trains, and supervises foster homes to assure safe, temporary homes for children.

Medicaid Transportation

Transports or arranges transportation for children and families to medical providers.

North Carolina Health Choice (NCHC)

NCHC is a health program for infants through age 19. This program ensures that every North Carolina child will have access to either private or public health insurance coverage. Eligibility requirements are based on number of family members and amount of income.

Perinatal Services

Provides counseling, referral and case management services to pregnant women who are served by Public Health Department clinics to assure healthy pregnancies and reduce infant mortality.

Preparation for Independent Living

Serves youth (ages 13 and above) who are in agency custody, to build independent living skills.

Protective Services

Investigates and assesses children's situations regarding abuse, neglect, or dependency. On-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Case Planning / Case Management provides treatment services for substantiated cases to ensure children are safe.

Work Release

Determines eligibility of dependents of prison inmates to receive monthly work-release payments.