Family Services

Care Connection Pharmacy of Wilkes Regional Medical Center     

Provides pharmaceutical care at a reduced cost to Wilkes County residents, who are living on a limited income and are not eligible for other assistance programs. Duke Endowment Funds.

Carolina Access    

This Medicaid program allows families to choose a primary care physician. A doctor is available 24 hours a day for families, who see their personal doctor for health-care needs. The program allows families and their doctor to work together for good health care.

Child Support Enforcement    

Assures that children receive adequate parental support by locating absent parents, establishing paternity, providing medical and financial support, and enforcing court-ordered support obligations.

Crisis Intervention Program  

Assists with heating or cooling emergencies. Provides payments directly to vendors for households experiencing life-threatening or health-related emergencies. All federal money.

Families and Children's Medicaid    

A Medicaid program which benefits families (MAF), pregnant women (MPW), and infants and children (MIC). These programs have been expanded to address the infant mortality rate in North Carolina, and are continually growing. 94.75% state and federal money.

Food Assistance Program    

Assures nutritious meals for low-income families. Eligibility is determined by the number of people in a household and income / resources. Involvement in a work program is mandatory. All federal money.

Low-Income Energy Assistance

A one-time cash benefit to assist with heating expenses. Payments are based on the number of applications approved statewide and the amount of money allocated. All federal money.

Adult Medicaid   

 Assists eligible, low-income, disabled, and elderly persons in receiving essential medical care. Medicaid helps pay the cost of care for recipients in nursing homes and those participating in the Community Alternative Program. This program has expanded rapidly due to the state expanding health insurance coverage to more citizens. 94.34% state and federal money.

Program Integrity Investigative Services (Formerly Welfare Fraud)   

Recovery of over-payments made in public assistance programs, seeking reimbursement through legal action or administrative procedures.

Special Assistance   

Assists in paying the cost of care for recipients in rest homes. These individuals are automatically entitled to Medicaid assistance. Fifty percent (50%) of Special Assistance funding is state money.

Work First Employment Program    

WFEP is a statewide program aimed at helping families who receive Work First Family Assistance benefits (formerly AFDC) find and keep full-time employment. Program requires extensive coordination with community agencies and local industries.

Work First Family Assistance (Formerly AFDC)    

Offers financial/ medical assistance to families in which deprivation exists. Personal responsibility is a key element, with a time limit on the eligibility period. All non-exempt recipients are required to participate in work-related activities or employment for a minimum of 35 hours per week.